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BUBKA Antwerp home.
Smart, sexy, selling. BUBKA is a future-proof full-service advertising agency. We help you switch on the always on consumer in a technology-embedded world. Rely on us to get people to choose your brand, to understand emotions and behaviour, for fresh ideas, seductive creative concepts and hands-on support.
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A creative branding agency. We love you and your brand. Not Dift. arrow-down. arrow-left. arrow-right. arrow-up. check. clipboard. close. dift. Combined Shape. glue. google-plus. instagram. linkedin.
In de spot voor SWOP stond de karaokefunctie die videosollicitaties eenvoudiger maakt centraal. Door op een grappige manier te tonen hoe moeilijk het nu soms is om zon sollicitatie te filmen bewezen we het nut van de nieuwe functie in de app.
Undefined Creative Agency.
We are undefined. But let's' say we're' a creative agency with a focus on digital. We craft quirky interactive experiences. You're' just here to get in touch, maybe? 32 484 147 470. Or you need to know our address? We work with clients from all over the place. We've' done work for brands, advertising agencies, cultural institutions and artists. Our work is what it's' all about right? Concepts, websites, design. We do it all. Let's' have a look at some of our favorite cases. CONCEPT / DESIGN / DEVELOPMENT. Trendwolves asked us to digitalise their annual trendreport. We went all out on this one and made a website loaded with weird dancing gifs and cheesy backgrounds. CONCEPT / DESIGN / DEVELOPMENT. CONCEPT / DESIGN / DEVELOPMENT. Your browser does not support the video tag. King Of Pong Social Klub. Your browser does not support the video tag. A sideproject gone loco. For two months we opened our very own ping pong social klub with custom made tables in a former supermarket in Antwerp, Belgium.
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MOJO Antwerp Creative Agency Startpagina Facebook.
Voted as The Hotspot place to Be every last Saturday, o/t Month! MOJO See you all Tomorrow Starting 22h at D'offis!' Waalse Kaai 28 / Antwerp We Are Ready Are You? MOJO Antwerp Creative Agency heeft een evenement van Entourage Antwerp gedeeld.
Dallas Antwerp Wij halen jouw marketingdoelstellingen.
Elke succesvolle relatie begint met te luisteren naar je klant in plaats van ertegen te roepen. Dallas Antwerp begeleidt je stap voor stap in dat proces. Onze aanpak is methodisch. Onze strategie is persoonlijk. Onze output is creatief. Ons doel is conversie. Welkom bij het no-nonsense, yes-results agency.
Mojo Creative Agency.
You got MOJO? Bij MOJO Antwerp Creative Agency ontmoeten communication skills, een frisse drive voor events en een liefde voor entertainment elkaar. MOJO Antwerp bestaat uit een groep van jonge creatives uit A-town met een hands-on mentaliteit en met we citeren Austin Powers: MOJO een flinke portie guts humor!
De Vloer.
So we launched a unique pop up advertising agency where 8 creative youngsters get to do all that work for us, and have some educative fun along the way. The entire process was documented and promoted through various pr and social media channels, serving at the same time as the launch campaign for the new brand. After 10 weeks and 10 gruelling brainstorm sessions NAFT, Fuel for young talent was born and presented to the public with a complete brand style, launch movie and launch party. Great work, considering none of the Nesters had any previous experience in rebranding. No youngsters were harmed in the process. Some even enjoyed their time in Het Nest and most are persuing further carreers in advertising. One of our fondest childhood memories is when uncle Walter taught us how to ride our bikes. We learned that balance is important, velocity is key and that yelling look, little shits! No hands is a horribly dumb thing to do when there's' a big lumber truck right behind you. Now, some 30 years later, we're' making movies on cycling safety and infrastructure for the province of Antwerp.
Design is Dead Creative Agency Antwerpen.
Design is Dead is small and creative, but massive and loud when required. Design is Dead can always rely on the expertise of some 400 experts within the European Emakina network. At Design is Dead you never get conventional ideas or average results.

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